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I have been thinking this past week on what I should write about next.  I never want any of my posts to seem forced, so I patiently waited until it was clear on what I should write about. The clarity came this morning during worship time at church.  We were all reminded that singing and praising God should be more of an outpour of what is coming from our soul than just feeding the words in our minds.  I bet we all can admit that at times we will sing a song and not truly reflect on the lyrics.  I was challenged to use those lyrics to praise and worship to where it stirs up my soul. That is when I knew what I wanted to write about.  I have decided that my next couple of posts are going to be fitness related due to a high demand of requests on my Instagram.   I am already working on my favorite fitness routine so I thought why not mix fitness and faith together. 

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For most of us, Sundays are for rest.  For years I chose not to work out on Sunday.  I then started noticing that I would spend that time watching TV or eating junk food (which is TOTALLY fine in the right amounts).  I then asked myself, why not go for a walk or a light jog?  So I started doing just that.  I spent that time thinking and reflecting and it turned into a time where I would thank God for the day and a time to be grateful.  What put me in the right mood during these runs/walks was Christian music.  It changed my perspective of  “working out” to praising God for the body He has given me.  I want you to experience this time too, so I spent the entire afternoon compiling a 1 hour playlist of uplifting and encouraging praise songs to listen to when you get active.    “Active” could vary between each person.  It could mean going on a walk, riding a bike, running, lifting, dancing, or anything that gets your heart rate up.  I would encourage whatever you pick for this playlist to choose something that FILLS you instead of DRAINS you.  For me, it is running or going on a walk, but for you it could be something totally different.

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Now some of you are thinking… 1 HOUR??  I am not saying this time has to be 1 hour (especially if I were to go on a run… I would die).  This playlist consists of 16 songs so if you want to go for 30 minute walk then play 8 of the songs.  It is totally up to you! The most important part is to ask yourself: Is my soul being stirred up?

Here is a picture of the list below and also a link to the iTunes playlist:  Click HERE for the 1 Hour Playlist
(must have an iTunes account to view, I think?)

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