Smile Sciences Teeth Whitening Kit

I have always been an avid flosser and teeth brusher.  However, I still would get those darn yellow spots. — Probably because it’s the three cups of coffee I drink in the morning and the large amounts of sugar I consume at night.  (#noregrets) I have always wanted that crystal white smile, but I didn’t want to pay all the expensive fees and damage my enamel in the process.  Then that all changed.  


Smile Sciences is a 100% cruelty-free, vegan,  at-home teeth whitening system. They also are FDA registered and made in the USA. I love how they care not only for my teeth, but they always don’t hurt animals in the process of testing as well.   What makes them different than other competitors is that they offer powerful prescription-grade results, with no sensitivity.

I was a little nervous to try the product at first, because the deal seemed too good to be true.  I have always heard bad things about teeth whitening and how it kills your enamel. After using my teeth whitening kit I saw an immediate difference.  There was no sensitivity and my teeth looked much whiter.  The kit came with easy to read directions and the treatment only took  30 minutes.  What makes the gel work is the LED light mouthpiece that comes in the kit.  Each kits comes with a maintenance pen where you can reapply the gel to maintain whiteness longer.  

Because Smile Sciences is amazing, you can get their $299 kit for only $29 with code: BLONDEBELL at checkout.

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