Cozy Fall Recipes

Everything about fall revolves around being “cozy”.  Whether if its wearing the big chunky sweaters, wrapping up in a blanket around a bonfire, drinking a warm cup or cider or tea, or cozying up to a bowl of soup with some big chunky socks. Let’s face it, fall is basically the best time of year.


I have put together my top 5 cozy recipes for the fall.  As you scroll through you will notice a trend.  I love soups haha.  I have made about 30 different types of soup since I have been married (5 years) and these are by far my favorites.  I have made all of these multiple times.  My husband and my friends who I have made these for have asked for the recipes.  I am by any means NOT a chef connoisseur, but these recipes are the PERFECT recipes for someone who is on a budget, health conscious, and has little time.

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1. One Pot Chili Mac & Cheese

From: Damn Delicious

What I like about this recipe: Cheap, fast & easy to make
I first made this recipe for a get together a year ago.  It was around the fall and what I loved about it is that it is BOTH chili and MAC & CHEESE combined.  You can customize how thick or liquidy you want this recipe depending on how much broth you put in.  If you are looking to make it healthier – take out the cheese and offer it as a topping.

2. Butternut Squash White Bean Kale Stew

From: Table for Two

What I like about it: The best tasting soup out of my list.  If you like the salty and sweet combo, this is your soup!!
OH MY HEAVENS. This soup is probably my favorite taste out of the list I have made.  I would recommend using lacinato kale (AKA Dino Kale) instead of curly kale.  It may be hard to find, but the taste is must less bitter.  I also bought already chopped up butternut squash at my local Kroger grocery store in the veggie section. This soup recipe does take a little longer to prepare but its WORTH IT!

3. Smoked Sausage, Kale & Potato Soup

From: Diethood

What I like about it: The PERFECT soup to have on a cold / crisp day.  This is typically the best soup for a male appetite.  This soup is also low calorie!
This soup is another favorite of mine because it is simple.  It is a heartier soup and super filling! It is kind of similar to the Zuppa Toscana soup at Olive Garden.

4. Butternut Squash ‘Mac & Cheese 

From: Baby Foode

What I like about it: A healthy spin on true comfort food! The sauce is made out of butternut squash and uses little cheese compared to regular mac & cheese.
I would HIGHLY recommend getting the pre-diced butternut squash.  I get mine in the veggies section at Kroger or target.  This recipe is such a classic and you are eating your veggies too!

5. Thieves Tea

From: Bargain Blessings

What I like about it: The ultimate cold fighting tea.  I have had less colds in the past 2 years due to this tea!
*This is my GO TO recipe for when I am feeling sick.  A good friend of mine introduced me to this recipes a couple years ago and I this recipes not only soothes your throat, it contains natural ingredients that fight bacteria.  I would HIGHLY recommend using RAW LOCAL ORGANIC HONEY.  Getting local honey is made from pollens in your area and allows for you to build up an immunity to those pollens to fight agains allergies.  **I only use Frankincense when I am very sick.  Peppermint, lemon and thieves will be enough to do the job.

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