My Hair Routine

A very wise gal told me in my early 20’s, “Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off”.  I couldn’t agree with her more,  I truly feel that 80% of your outfit is your hair.  Girls, we all know how crappy we feel when we have a bad hair day – and trust me I went through that for 20 years. (LEFT: My best friend and I way back in elementary school )

For 10 years I was completely curling my hair wrong, I always wanted that “natural wave” but it never happened.  I also wanted my curls to last longer than an hour.  After trial and error for 10 years, this past year I have found products and tips that have changed my hair game.  So I am going to share my top secret products and tips.

Before I start, here are a few facts about my hair:

  • It is THICK.  I have a lot of it.
  • It is naturally stick straight, so there is hope for girls with straight hair to get curls. 
  • I wash it twice a week and I get highlights just on the top (not underneath)
  • It is naturally a dirty blonde color
  • I wear hair extensions.  My hair will not grow past a certain length.  I got these clip in extensions and I love how I can put them in whenever I want and they don’t fall out.  They match my hair perfectly and are real hair.

Below are the extension I get (Click to purchase):

Now Here are my Top Secret Hair Tips

Tip #1: DON’T wash your hair everyday!  I don’t care if you have “oily hair”, I did too!

Up until I was 20 I washed my hair  If I didn’t wash my hair within 24 hours I could feel my hair become so oily.  What I found out that the more you wash it the more your body works to maintain the oils in your hair and you actually overproduce oil.  So I started washing my hair every other day and then I slowly spaced out my washing as time went by and now I wash my hair twice a week! Yes, my hair was oily at first, but as time passed my hair became less oily because it was adapting to my wash schedule.  The biggest tip I could give anyone – “dirty” hair curls better! I barely use hairspray, what keeps my curls strong all day is the fact that my hair is slightly dirty.  I started investing in dry shampoo.  Here is my “Go-To” dry shampoo. *TIP: don’t go overboard.  Spray at a distance and rub in with your fingers.

Click to Shop my Favorite Dry Shampoo

Tip #2: Invest in a good curling iron.  

My ENTIRE LIFE I used a 1.5″ Hot Tools curling iron. I will always be a huge lover of Hot Tools, but another brand has stole my heart in past few months.  My “go to” curling tool I use is the T3 Whirl Trio Interchangeable Styling Wand set.  This has CHANGED MY LIFE.

IMPORTANT: Before you go look at the price think about these things:

  1. This is THREE curling irons in ONE.  I use ALL THREE of the barrels so none of it goes to waste. It all depends on how tight of curls I want.
  2. This also has SAVED the QUALITY of my hair because I don’t need to really do “touch ups”.  It takes me now 10 minutes to curl my hair. Yes, TEN minutes.
  3. It also comes with a 2 year warrantee.   

I don’t know how much better a curling iron you can get.  Now, some of you may be thinking, “wands don’t work for me” or “ I don’t have the time” or “ I don’t know how to use it”.  First, I also do not like wands and they never worked for me until I got my T3.  Second, my curling time has been cut in HALF because it only takes 5-7 seconds to curl each section of hair.  I now curl my hair in 10 minutes! Third, I am going to to a T3 Hair Curling tutorial soon so, no worries, I got your back sister!

Click to Shop the T3 Micro Whirl Trio Set

This set comes with a 1.5-inch straight barrel, 1.25-.75 tapered barrel, and a 1 inch straight barrel.  I mainly use the straight barrels.

Here are the different types of curls with the different barrels:

1.5-in Straight Barrel

1-in Straight Barrel


Tip #3: Use the right products.

Since I only wash my hair a couple times a week, I have saved TONS of money by spending less on hair products because they last longer.  

Here are my “hair washing day” products.
Read the caption of each to see what their benefits are.

Before I curl or style my hair I make sure to use the right products. Below are my favorite styling products.  Read the caption of each to see what their benefits are.

When it all comes down to it, we all have our own hairstyle, color, and texture.  I tried so hard for years to make my hair look like someone else’s.  I want you to OWN your hair, do what works for you, and to never compare yourself to others.  The minute I stopped trying to make my hair like someone else’s,  I was able to make my hairstyle mine. We all have different face shapes and skin tones and not every style  and colors looks best on every person.  In the end someone else’s method may not work for you.  My hope is that you take my tips, tricks, and tools and make your hair your own masterpiece!

I hope this was of any help to you! I would love to hear your questions, stories, comments, suggestions, tips, or feedback. Stay tuned for a hair tutorial video coming soon!

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You are fearfully and wonderfully made,

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4 thoughts on “My Hair Routine

  1. Ashley, thanks for the post, I love the tips. I’m currently in the stage where I wash my hair every other day but I know it’s still too much and would like to wash it less. What tips do you have for someone who works out everyday, my wet sweaty hair is usually what pushes me over the edge. Do you just use dry shampoo, and let the sweat dry?! Thanks in advance!

    1. That is a good question Ruth! I too am into fitness and workout 6 days a week. I wash my body off everyday but use dry shampoo. It seems gross but my hair seems so much healthier that when I washed it everyday. I typically use a blow dryer to dry any sweat that I have. I hope this helps!

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