Printable Version: Winter Workout at Home + Gym

Warm up: 
Run until you get a sweat (this time may vary from 5-15 minutes – it all depends on your fitness level)


OPTION 1: On a staircase: 
Run up HARD and down EASY.   Do this for 10 minutes or do 20-25 sets (Up and down is one set).

OPTION 2: On a Stairmaster: 
Do 30-60 second intervals alternating your hard and easy speed.  Do this for 10 minutes. Find the speed settings that work best for you.  Find an “easy” speed and a “fast” speed.

Cool Down: 
Run easy for the same amount of time you warmed up for

Finish with 5-10 Minutes of Abs and Pushups

Click HERE for one of my favorite core workouts


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