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We all know it’s that time of year where it seems like every weekend (and sometimes weekday) we are eating Christmas cookies,  some sort of casserole, or those darn Starbucks holiday drinks.  On top of that we are trying to figure out a new routine with the cold temperatures and the sun going down at 5:00PM. On top of this, the last thing you want to do is to gain a few pounds.   Anyone else have the struggle of finding the time to fit in a workout in this cold weather and busy schedule?  I know I do.



Long Sleeve Top \\ Running Headband \\ Leggings \\ Duffel

One of the biggest adjustments I have to make in the winter is my winter workout routines.  It is easy to get a good workout during the summer when you can go on a walk or run outside, but it is much hard to motivate yourself when it gets dark before you get home from work and its below 32 degrees outside.  Over the next month I am going to give you a variety of workouts that you can do at home or at the gym.  


Long Sleeve Top \\ Running Headband \\ Leggings \\ Duffel

This first workout I’m going to share to you this month cardio based and PERFECT for people who want become a runner, but simply just can’t run.  I have spent the past few weeks trying out this cardio workout and it is a killer workout for people at ALL running levels! The key to my workout is that I am sneaking in running and running is NOT the workout itself.  I promise you if you stick to this workout, overtime you will improve your running skills.  It can take months to break through a running threshold.  My advice is to be patient, be positive, and to not give into the voices that tell you that you can’t do this and the terrible phrase: “I am and never will be a runner.”  That phrase is garbage.   So let’s get started! 

Long Sleeve Top \\ Running Headband \\ Leggings \\ Duffel


** I am a huge runner, but I have many friends who are not (mostly all of them).  One thing I always say is in order to become a runner or to get better at it is that you have to run — even if it’s for 5 minutes. My recommendation is to add running into your warm ups and cool downs of your workouts and eventually add it into your workouts slowly.

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Need a good ab workout?  Click HERE to do one of my faves!6 Minute Core Workout

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