6 Minute Core Sculpting Workout

Are you the person who exercises regularly but can’t get a trim waistline? I may have be able to help you with that.

I typically do three 30-40 minutes of cardio focused workouts each week.  Cardio is great, but it will not tone or sculpt your muscle.  I have already shown you in my 15 Minute  HIIT workout how I tone and sculpt my body, but that workout is only meant to be done 1-3 times per week.  What can I do the other days so I do not neglect my core muscles?  It is simple, add-on a 5 minute core workout at the end of your workouts. 


So what is the difference between your CORE and your ABS? Most people think of abs when someone says core, but it is much more.  Your core includes also your obliques (sides), back, hips, glutes, and lats. I am not by any means a professional so if I missed a section out please call me out!

I do some sort of core workout after or during every workout.  However, 2-3 days per week after I do a more intense core workout to challenge those muscles.  It is good to surprise your muscles and to throw them off guard.  If I were to do the same ab workout each day ( like 25 crunches per day) I would never see much improvement or I wouldn’t see an all over difference in my core.  That is why I like to spice things up a bit 2-3 times per week with my 6 minute core sculptor workout. This workout has 7 moves.  Most moves have a high options and a low option.  I would recommend to start with the low options first then work your way up to the higher options the more comfortable you are with the workout.

My ultimate goal for you is to make exercising fun.  It should make you feel good about yourself.  It may feel unnatural r inconvenient at first, but use this time to praise the body you have. If you can’t get a full cardio workout in, add-on this 6 minute workout before you go to bed or in the morning.  I always tell myself I never regret working out (unless I am majorly sick and too stubborn to rest haha)


Here are the rules:

  1. Your goal is to complete all 7 moves in about 6 minutes.  (DON’T RUSH!! QUALITY OVER QUANTITY)
  2. If you finish early, start from the top until the 6 minutes are up.
  3.  If you don’t finish all the moves in 6 minutes, finish the entire workout at your own pace.
  4. Here’s where this can get fun: check and see what time you get your workout done and try to beat it the next time without sacrificing your form.

blog 6 minute core.png

Don’t know what the moves are?  Watch the videos below:


Suitcase Crunches

Side Ab Raise

Butt Raise

Marching Planks

Jack Knife Crunches

Pushups with Option



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